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    Individual Portfolio solutions

    We design tailor-made portfolio solutions for clients based on individual needs. Starting point are the customers' respective

    requirements in terms of portfolio composition, risk profile and correlation.

    Managed Accounts

    Managed accounts and pooled investments

    SMN is an established provider in the liquid space of alternative investments and offers customized portfolio solutions in addition to the SMN Diversified Futures Fund. Portfolio composition, target volatility and currency are adjusted to customers’ specifications.

    Portfolio efficiency can be improve significantly through the addition of systematic trading approaches. The rule-based control of interest rate sensitivity of bond portfolios and the combination of absolute return elements with a futures overlay ensure flexibility in different market situations. Institutional investors are increasingly using uncorrelated strategies to reduce directional risks and to achieve positive portfolio effects. Low or even negative correlation between managed futures and traditional investments further improves the risk/return ratio of an already diversified portfolio. Even in combination with less volatile investments, the application of SMN investment approaches reduces volatility and draw-downs of the overall portfolio.