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SMN Diversified Futures Fund

smn Diversified Futures Fund is a global Managed Futures Fund. The fund has been launched in November 1996, which is a long track record compared to most of its competitors. The fund´s investment universe covers about 200 different markets from 10 different sectors currencies (bonds, bills, indices, crops, energy, meats, softs, metals and synthetic markets). The synthetic markets are yet another differentiator of the SMN Diversified Futures Fund. We define them as the relative price movement of different markets in relation to each other. These markets have been traded based on smn’s trading algorithms since 2008, adding good diversification to the portfolio.

The vast majority of markets are traded through exchange traded futures. For selected markets the fund uses OTC derivatives .

All trading activities follow strict rules implemented in our trading algorithms. Manual interventions by the portfolio managers have, for good reasons, not been implemented in the process since strict discipline in following a trend is maybe the strongest selling point of the asset class managed futures.

Another key aspect during the implementation of the trading algorithms was risk management. All rules follow a strict paradigm to mitigate single market and portfolio risk. It is our goal to offer an attractive risk/reward ratio during different market cycles.



Monthly Performance Report Per E-Mail

Monthly performance report per e-mail


Legal form:SICAV, Luxembourg
Custodian:CACEIS Bank, Luxembourg Branch
Investment manager:SMN Investment Services GmbH (AIFM)
Clearing Broker:Societe Generale International Limited (UK)
Morgan Stanley & Co. International PLC
auditor:Deloitte S.A., Luxembourg
Local tax  representation:Austria, Germany
Swiss paying agent:CACEIS Bank, Luxembourg Branch
ISIN:Share Category "1996":  LU0070804173
Share Category "i14":     LU1132156156
Bloomberg TICKER:Share Category "1996":  SMNDIVF LX Equity
Share Category "i14":     SMNDI14 LX Equity
SUBSCRIPTION and REDEMPTION:each Friday (has to be a banking day in Luxembourg) and every last banking day of month; notice 3 days
MINIMUM INVESTEMENTShare Category "1996":  EUR 100.-
Share Category "i14":     EUR 250'000.-