Our partnership with Union Bancaire Privée

Union Bancaire Privée (UBP) is a Swiss private bank based in Geneva. UBP is 100% family owned and its capital base is ranked in the top league of Swiss banks.. Based on this independence UBP is able to define itself long term targets and to consequently work on their achievement. SMN acts as the exclusive sales agent for all UBP asset management products in Austria since 2004.

Asset Management is one of the core competencies of UBP and it is a strategic priority. UBP believes in the benefit of active asset management to the investor and offers a high level of transparency.

Apart from a wide range of innovative long only products, Alternative Investments traditionally play an important role in UBP´s product range. This has been the initial starting point for the cooperation between UBP and SMN.

Highest standards in transparency combined with SMN´s individualised approach to customer service, allows our clients to comply with the steadily growing requirements of internal and legal regulations.


If you are interested in further details about Union Bancaire Privée or their products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your contact person in connection with products of Union Bancaire Privée is:



T: +43 1 513 25 51
F: +43 1 513 79 41

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The current presentation will give you an overveiw about the key competencies of Union Bancaire Privée Asset Management.

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